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Saat earphone berkumandang dgn lagu No More You- Sugababes ni, aku terkenang my life back then. Bukan aku nak igt, yes. Cuma my friend told me and her roomate abt her life. I was doing my work on that time and im just listening less. And, her life was quite same with me, no, aku punya lagi teruk.

I just laughing like crazy hearing her story. It just that, i'm hiding my pain. My heart hurt when she told her story. I'm trying so damn hard to forget my past. And that flashback session really broke my heart. I cant.

Even the simplest touch can break my heart.

Everyone judge.
Everyone thought that i'm happy, cheerful person, but no one know what i'm hiding inside.
If only they know... I dont know who will stay with me.
Eheh. Ppl really love to judge aite? Eheh.

I'm still reading that kk Paina's novel. More or less, Hanani is me now. Siti was me back then. Jiko was half me before. Sebab tu bila org tanya apa yg best sgt novel tu? That's it. My life.

Till then.

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