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merapik tak tentu hala.
Define friendship.
--the state of being a friend. (google)

Bagi aku, friendship ni sama je dgn semua relationship atas dunia ni.

Cuma what makes it differ from other is, friendship involves lots of feeling. Friendship ni bole libatkan sayang and at the same time benci. Hlovate uhuh?

Actually, I dont even know what I want to say. It just that I want to update. Kohkoh. Seems like I dont have things to do aite? Lol za lol. You got lots of works to finish meh? Your laundry, reports, assignments ergh. Maigad. I'm so lazy. And am writing this entry while waiting to enter the lab. Ahaha. It's better for you to read the experiment procedure instead of updating this la.

Got to go.
Till then, adios!

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